• Who We Are

  • Our Mission 

    What Do We Want to Accomplish? 

    We look to be of service to at – risk youths by providing nutrition, technology, and education at no cost which in turns provides hope and growth alternatives for future generations. In the Spirit of the No Child Hungry – KC Campaign, it is feeding the 5,000’s aspiration to identify key supporters in the Kansas City areas who want to pledge to end hunger. 

    Invest in our Youth  

    Please join Feeding 5000, Inc to keep the momentum going locally in Kansas City for the No Child Hungry – KC Campaign. As a local sponsor, the funding stays home for KC’s youth and community programs that support nutrition, technology, and education.

  • Objectives 

    To expand programs to other at-risk neighborhoods by patterning with community & faith - based organizations 

  • Who We Service 

    At-risk youth in urban and rural areas who fall below the poverty level and school districts with 51% or greater of students who receive free or reduced meal. 

  • Fundraising 

    Help us to generate funds, support, maintenance, and expansion of the initiative focused on "At-risk" youth populations 

  • Mission 

    We aim to work with non-profit facilities to develop "enrichment" activities and programs designed to provide alternatives to drugs, gangs, and violence.