• “Feeding the Core”

  • Stop Youth Obesity with Proper Nutrition

    Teaching Children to Eat Right  

    Feeding 5000 provides meals and snacks for 100 youth an adults. We also provide life skill support for youth at the church by financially supporting activities and trips for enrichment.

    A student is generally eligible if he/she receives free or reduced-priced lunch and attends a title one school identified by its state as needing improvement as a result of not meeting the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for 3 consecutive years. 

  • Classroom Confidence and Proficiency 

    Build on learning that occurs during the regular school day.

    Feeding The 5000, Inc., works with companies wishing to donate their old computer equipment to the cause of educating at risk youth on technology and closing the digital divide which exist in America. 

  • Educational Enrichment Activities that Spark Curiosity 

    Starting them off right 

    Teaching practical life skills and philosophies are important parts of developing our children into well rounded and happy adults.