• Technology Curriculum

  • Intro to Computers 1&2 

    These classes will familiarize you with the basic functioning and terminology of computers 

    Lessons include: Turning On & Off, Identifying Basic Parts, Using the Mouse, Desktop Navigation, File Organizing, Starting & Closing Programs, Saving, Opening and Renaming & Deleting Files. 

    Our program reinforces and builds on learning that occurs during the regular school day and we strive to build confidence and proficiency in these areas 

  • Microsoft Office Suite 

    Learning basic functions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint 

    Lessons include: Starting Microsoft Word, Working with Existing Documents, Creating New Documents, Typing into Word, Formatting & Aligning Text, Printing a Document, Worksheet Basics, Keyboard Shortcuts and many more! 

  • Internet Basics 1,2, and Email 

    Familiarize yourself with the World Wide wed and also electronic mail

    Lesson include: What is the World Wide Web? Webpage Navigation, Search Tool Utilization, Internet security and policy, What is Email? Creating Your Own Personal Email, Sending and Receiving Email messages, Email terminology, and functionality